The Artisan’s Dedication is Your Assurance of Quality

“We combine artistic creativity and pride in craft with genuine hospitality rooted in the traditions of the old world.”

Our gelataii (gelato makers) combines the creativity of an artist, the inspiration of a chef, the discipline of a craftsman, the precision of an architect and the passion of a composer to handcraft our gelato and sorbetto. Their commitment to this special artisan craft is evident in every taste.

Ours is a family business run by the fourth generation of the Grippo family who have celebrated the richness of their Italian cultural heritage in Vancouver’s Little Italy on Commercial Drive.

We’re Located in the Heart of “Little Italy”

Our Gelateria is located in the heart of Vancouver’s traditional “Little Italy” on Commercial Drive or ‘The Drive’—one of Vancouver’s most interesting neighbourhoods, rich in history and cultural diversity.

Our neighbourhood roots are four generations deep and you’ll be sure to enjoy our traditional hospitality and welcoming comforts of our family-owned and operated Gelateria.